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When you’re looking for signwriting, Whangarei can’t offer better than Jon and Ryan at Frankensignz! We aren’t just the poster boys of Frankensignz, we’re the banner guys, the car wrap experts, the boat graphics guys and the feature wall people. We create impact through smart visual design and application: and we LOVE what we do!

We are the creative and hands-on owners of Frankensignz, and we’ve taken our love of signwriting to the next level. Our focus is on constant upskilling and expansion of services, with nationally-recognised qualifications to boot. Our team is dedicated to offering not only the most creative signwriting Whangarei has ever seen, but also the most professional services, products, and processes. The Frankensignz crew are proud to be certified applicators of all our products, including the award-winning Hexis BodyFence, which has received rave reviews from both commercial and private clients.

Not your everyday signwriters.

So what’s with the name? Yeah, we get asked that a lot! Well, we needed our signwriting customers to understand at a glance that we were different, we needed something that would stop people in their tracks, that would showcase our graphic creativity and our fearless attitude to marketing. Frankensignz is a creative brand, but also a statement: we bring your signs to life in every sense of the word!

Good ol’ fashioned customer service

While our graphic designs, branding concepts and techniques often push the boundaries of creativity, we’re committed to ensuring every single one of our clients receives the kind of customer service that makes you go ‘ahhhhh.’ We’ll stay in contact, we’ll stick to our deadlines, and most importantly we’ll keep to budget! We’re happy to discuss concepts, and our entire team believes in the ‘listen first’ rule. You’re the reason we’re here. And if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, we don’t know what will.

Our team



Jon has been in the sign business since 1837, back in those days they used chisel designs into rock using brontosaurus bones. Now they have more modern techniques.



Ryan has been with Frankensignz for 4 years

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