Feature Walls

Feature Walls

There’s nothing more powerful than a fully-wrapped feature wall: the effect is so transformative, many of our clients struggle to believe their eyes! Create larger-than-life effects simply and quickly with our full-colour laser image wall wraps, extend your branding or make your products stand out with a dedicated wall decal. We have many examples of existing feature walls for you to browse through, and we also have plenty of completely original concepts just waiting for a new home…

Want to stand out? Custom wallpaper for your home or business!

When it comes to thinking outside the square, Frankensignz are the creative team to see. We don’t just sell concepts, we create them! Our wall wraps and custom wallpaper concepts push the boundaries of creative design: transform your shop wall into a retro brick alleyway, complete with graffiti – add funky shelving, and voilà! Instant atmosphere. Looking to brighten up your living space with something a little different? Why not bring a touch of the wild into your home with floor to ceiling rainforest laser wall decals, a wood-effect panel wrap, or even a completely original artwork wall wrap? generate instant gravitas with a schist-look wrap, or create warmth with a vibrant colour. Delight your children with dinosaurs, space themes, magical fairy lands! The possibilities are endless: let’s get together and have some fun!

Interior wall wraps and digital wallpaper prints for instant atmosphere

Faster, easier, and often cheaper than painting, our feature walls are both fast to print and easy to apply, making them a hugely popular option for both home and business use. The high quality of our materials, coupled with our cutting-edge printing technology ensures a long-lasting, picture-perfect finish that will give your feature wall a truly outstanding impact.