Frankensignz: sticker printing in Northland!

Grab hold of your seats people, things are getting exciting! Frankensignz are now able to produce high quality printed sticker printing in Northland for your business, club or personal needs. We don’t know who’s more excited about this service – ourselves or our clients! Yes, we’ve been experimenting, and YES these products are truly AWESOME!

Self-adhesive labels, holographic, canvas, high gloss… You choose!

You know that fascination you had with stickers when you were a kid? Well get ready to rediscover your passion for sticky-backed goodness. We can turn out branded stickers and self-adhesive labels for wine bottles, merchandise, cosmetic products and more – basically, if it’s got a surface, we can sticker it! We can create stickers in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and effects, including high gloss (perfect for high-end corporate products), canvas (for the earthy look), holographic (spacy!), and textured (let’s get touchy feely). Let your imagination go wild, if you can dream it, we can sticker it up!

Corporate gift labels, product labelling and large rolls

Our large rolls are ideal for the bigger runs or larger stickers. We can handle any high quantity orders with ease using our in-store hardware, and we can tweak and perfect any design issues right before your eyes. Not sure what you’re looking for? Speak to the Frankensignz creative team for off-the-wall ideas and branding concepts: chances are we’ve seen something that would work perfectly for your needs!

Metallic stickers: dazzling!

Chrome and metallic adhesive labels are a sure way of catching your market’s attention… The shinier, the better! Our team can create metallic masterpieces that are designed to dazzle: silver stickers, gold stickers, bronze stickers or chrome stickers – whatever your preference, we can make it happen!